Buy a traditional plot of land

The vine, a French tradition

France radiates all over the world thanks to the quality of its wine, the bounty of its land and its viticultural heritage. Many French people, proud of this ancestral tradition and acumen, wish to invest in a vineyard estate. Symbol of refinement and prestige, French vines are also a great way to invest whilst allowing your heritage to grow.

The development of French vineyards dates back to ancient times, when the Greeks settled in the south of France to plant vines

The latter then gradually became a major tradition in French culture, later to be exported internationally. Envied for its prestige and quality, the French vineyard today attracts investors from all over the world, who dream of participating in a passionate activity. However, those most likely to acquire vineyard estates are French.

More than a financial heritage and the possibility of benefiting from tax advantages (exemption from certain conditional taxes and reduced transmission rights), vineyard estates offer an exceptional natural environment, particularly agreeable to those opting for permanent residence. These are all assets that make this acquisition a valuable investment.

Vines, a long-term investment

To acquire such a property, it is necessary to rely on a solidly built project. In addition to the cost of the vineyard, that of the equipment linked to its exploitation; as well as the wine cellar, stock and existing buildings are to be taken into account..
The location of the property also influences the cost of acquisition. In the Bordeaux region, for example, land is highly priced, less so in Provence, where the buildings are worth more than the vineyard, less renown than in the area around Bordeaux.

If you want to buy a vineyard, the investment is as much financial as it is personal. Over the years, you will have to ensure that you continually renovate the equipment, buildings and facilities necessary for the production of wine and the operation of the vineyard.
Producing your own wine and selling it successfully throughout France remains a dream, now within reach. What a pleasure to embark on such an adventure and develop your heritage in a most attractive way. This type of investment is evidently a long-term commitment. Count between 1 and 4% annual return.

More than a French way of life, wine, and more generally, vines, constitute blocks of tradition and heritage. Investing in a vineyard estate therefore allows you to embark on an extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure, and to live a passionate activity.
Enjoying a natural environment, here you are the master of your professional life and participate in the preservation of ancestral and tricolor expertise, while enjoying living in exceptional surroundings.