Amid enchantment and diversity-its real estate heritage

Occitania, a region with authentic charm

Environmental, cultural, historical or architectural, the wonders of Occitania are numerous and varied. Located between sea and mountains, this region in the south of France divulges multiple landscapes, a robust identity, marked by its proximity to Spain and an enjoyment of life that never ceases to captivate the millions of French and foreign visitors who discover the region, each year.

Between Spain and the Mediterranean coast, the reputation and potential of this great region are limitless. It is, moreover, one of the most attractive in France, for its clement climate,  incredible sunshine, authentic charm and the professional opportunities which are ever more compelling. In its large cities, authenticity and friendliness are taken to their limits. Perpignan, capital of the Pyrénées-Orientales, is marked by a Catalan Spanish influence, which enriches its heritage and encourages people to cultivate this warm atmosphere, dear to Latin countries.

Here, the so-called Cayrou stone is the emblem of an entire region. It forms a low wall, walls, sheepfolds and cabins and elegantly accompanies exceptional residences and old barns rehabilitated into lofts or luxurious and atypical properties.

Montpellier, a dynamic city with a rich historical heritage

In Hérault, a city with a profusive historical heritage is revealed to visitors. This is Montpellier. Sublime and surprising, this city is one of the most pleasant in France. Living there is synonymous with appeasement, tranquility but also discovery. Because Montpellier knows how to be cultural and its historical profoundness is exceptional. Its historic center is thousands of years old and conceals some treasures that you absolutely must discover (the Place de la Comédie, the Place de la Canourgue, etc.).

Just a few minutes away, we join the shore, on one of the beaches situated on more than 200 kilometers of coast in this region. The nautical facilities and infrastructures are numerous and allow you to try out various sports activities (water skiing, diving, sailing, etc.). It is a hotspot for tourism in the region.

Occitania, a hinterland between vineyards and olive trees

In the unspoiled and protected hinterland, the cultivation of vines and olive trees is paramount, giving Occitanie a whole new character. Then,  pursuing the exploration a few further kilometers, the famous city of Uzès appears.

Visitors walk through the city here and relive for a time the daily life of the inhabitants of the Middle Ages. Its alleys,  architecture… everything here recalls its incredible history. Uzès is also classified City of Art and History and is safeguarded. The atmosphere is easy and its reputation international. People come there to discover its heritage, its gastronomy (olives, wine or even truffles) and its famous colorful market. Lulled by the song of the cicadas, merchants and onlookers participate here in this turbulance so particular, and reserved for the markets of the south of France, between delicate scents and Provençal colors.