French excellence – a capital with strong real estate potential

Paris, the city of light

Mythical symbol of elegance, culture and dynamism throughout the world, Paris never ceases to amaze tourists and Parisians alike. Located in the heart of the Ile de France region, its luminosity flows into the surrounding departments enabling them to benefit from its almost magical aura.

While each district of this extraordinary capital beguiles with its wealth and urban life, certain areas are even more emblematic, allowing those who frequent them to bask in the charm of this city. Stroll along the banks of the Seine, share moments of conviviality on café terraces, wander its cobbled streets and admire the architecture … so many possibilities are offered. Some neighborhoods actually look like small villages. The warm atmosphere that reigns here and the cozy ambience that  they emanate, have enthralled authors poets and artists over the decades and even centuries. There is no doubt that Paris will never cease to inspire dreams.

Real estate in the capital reflects its prestige. There are many properties  offering interesting opportunities to invest or settle there. A large number of apartments, from the smallest studio to the largest duplex, are available to potential buyers.

The Ile de France, a heritage to discover

The areas in Ile de France also offer great opportunities. In Seine-et-Marne, for example, the architectural and cultural heritage is as illustrious and varied as that of the capital. Just a few minutes by RER from the center of Paris, exceptional houses and properties are examples of the rich history of this area. A perfect example of this is Provins or even in Meaux, both medieval cities known for their attractivness and facinating historic architecture. Painters have always lived in this part of the Ile de France, bewitched by the tranquility that reigns here and the charm of its quintessential villages.

In Hauts-de-Seine, a department best known for its dynamic business district, La Défense, some towns also benefit from a rich and varied heritage and historical architecture. Malmaison Castle and Saint-Cloud National Park designed and designed by the famous and talented architect Le Nôtre, are almost iconic symbols. Not forgetting the Parc de Seaux or the forest of Meudon, two green lungs of the greater Paris region, which offer a unique living environment in this densely populated area.

Further over, on the other side of Paris, the charm of the banks of the Marne along with Nogent-sur-Marne attract enchanted visitors. Everything here invites contemplation and relaxation. Pleasant parks are legion here, providing a bucolic living environment amidst particularly gracious residences. Vincennes and its fortress, Saint-Mandé with its congenial neighborhood atmospher or L’Haÿ-Les-Roses with its rose garden are all cities to discover when settling here. All of them are genuinely attractive areas, due to the diversity of their heritage as well as their economic and cultural assets.