A unique year round atmosphere

Provence, a friendly and authentic region

Serenaded by cicada song and exalted by the sun which is omnipresent here, Provence is tranquilizing and reassuring. Residing or sojourning there allows you to slow down the frantic pace of everyday life, to enjoy every moment, following in the footsteps of illustrious painters such as Paul Cézanne or Vincent Van Gogh. In a region suffused in history, everything invites contemplation. From small rose bushes with delicate olfactory notes, to the heady aromas of thyme and the beauty of Provençal gardens, the whole region is a haven of nature, intermittently wild or refined.

The exceptional properties and residences of Provence are also steeped in history. Unique to Provence, they are both beautiful and mysterious. Convenience and authenticity are the essence of design here. Spacious rooms allow all the members of the family to meet in a relaxed setting where rusticity and refinement blend perfectly. The homes here, are the soul of the region, full of warmth and life. Witnesses of the culture and architectural heritage of Provence, they contribute in their own way to promoting the local identity so authentic of this territory.

Provence, a source of inspiration for the greatest painters

Throughout the region, Provence throws opens  its doors to the most inquiring of visitors and leads them to discover its picturesque landscapes. Steeped in an exquisitly diffused sunlight, everyone can here admire, some of the most beautiful villages of the Alpilles and get acquainted with the craftsmanship and gastronomy of the picturesque villages of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Les Baux-de-Provence or  Maussane-les-Alpilles.

Land of adoption or birthplace of prodigious French artists, this region has inspired them over decades and even centuries. In one year, Vincent Van Gogh, inspired by the beauty of what he discovered here, painted nearly 150 canvases and drawings, some of which are considered to be masterpieces today. Subjugated by Provence since his earliest years, Alphonse Daudet enabled it to shine in France, but also throughout the world. The backdrop to his story, this region is now closely linked to the Letters from my Mill, which made the author so successful. Many other artists have always exclaimed their love and fascination for the landscapes of Provence

Between romantic settings, picturesque villages and wilderness, Provence is multiple. Its roads lined with cypress trees invite you on an initiatory journey to meet all the facets of the region. Along the way, cherry orchards rub shoulders with lavender fields and traditional bastides. Everywhere, the atmosphere  invites peace and tranquility. Many travel there and many dream of settling there permanently, to enjoy the charm and comfort of a farmhouse, a country house, an old sheepfold or even a sublime wine or olive estate.