La Sologne

Region of castles and rivers

The Sologne, a region appreciated by the Kings of France

Populated since the Iron Age, Sologne is still marked today by its Gallic origins and its rich historical past. Most of its villages have names of Celtic origin, as do the streams and rivers that run through it. However, it was only after the Hundred Years War that this part of France reached its pinnacle. Traveled through by the legendary Joan of Arc, Sologne  gradually rose from the ashes and became one of the most interesting and profitable areas of French agriculture, thanks to aquaculture in the form of fish farming.

Particularly humid, Sologne has seen its land drained, and become healthier over the centuries with the creation of numerous ponds. Aquaculture , forests and villages were then able to establish there permanently, providing a stunning backdrop to this region. The exquisite charm of this area is such that even King Louis XII established himself there for a while, in his castle in Romorantin, joined by his cousin and heir, François I, who there met Claude of France,  who would soon become his wife Then weakened by years of misery, Sologne was abandoned for a time. But the abundance of its ponds, the relaxed rhythm of life and its exceptional decor then enchanted Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, President of the Republic. His appreciation for Sologne allowed this region to once again enjoy a certain prosperity by attracting more and more of the bourgeois and aristocratic classes.

Although mainly turned towards agriculture at the time, Sologne gradually developed its textile industry. Which in time, became one of the most flourishing in France. Moreover, its architectural heritage is not to be outdone, since some of the most alluring cities in France are located here. Orleans for example, city of Joan of Arc, entices visitors in the footsteps of French history. Its monuments, museums, parks and gardens are all outstanding places that should not be missed. Renowned around the world, the city continues to enchant enthusiastic visitors.

An emblematic architectural heritage

The geographical location of Sologne is also ideal and offers its inhabitants easy access  to Paris (which is only 1.5 hours away) while enjoying the Loire châteaux and an exceptional natural environment. Its lush countryside attracts and seduces lovers of both nature, and serenity. Between forests and ponds, everything here invites contemplation and relaxation. Although  the countryside is bountiful,  castles also contribute to its fame. Chambord and Cheverny are today emblematic of local architecture and its identity. Not far away, around a bend in an alluring forest, mansions, charming estates, picturesque villages and small castles await to be discovered.

With its many assets, Sologne continues to seduce. Easily accessed from Paris and the rest of France and offering an ideal setting to indulge in varied leisure activities, it attracts many French and foreigners, who have come to seek tranquility, they settle here in superb residences, in the heart of hunting estates or prestigious properties