The Loire Valley

A land of riches – its real estate heritage

The Loire Valley, the region of the kings of France

Located southwest of Paris, the Loire Valley is a land of history and splendor. Considered at the heart of royal and intellectual France during the epoch of kings, it remains today the symbol of monarchy, art and architecture. It is, moreover, one of the best-known regions of France and one of the most touristic, as it welcomes many visitors every year who come to admire the castles that bear its name.

Traversed by the longest river in the country, the Loire Valley posseses some of the most beautiful castles in France such as Chambord, Chenonceau and Villandry. Primary or secondary residences of illustrious court figures and in particular kings, this region then became the scene of the greatest political and historical decisions of the time. From their innumerable peregrinations in this valley,  kings and queens left also leave their legacy through many religious monuments. Some are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Picturesque villages line the course of the river, as do towns bountiful in art, architecture and history. This is the case with Orleans, which has attracted a host of artists to the royal court since the 13th century and quickly became the cultural capital of the country. Different styles coexist here, mainly Romanesque and Gothic, both on the facades of the houses and on the main monuments of the Loire Valley. In Amboise, the whole city still lives with the memory of the famous inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. Enjoying the friendship of the king, he was able to enjoy his hospitality at the Clos Lucé manor during his last days of life and now rests in a chapel on the estate.

The Loire Valley, a rich natural and gastronomic heritage

The fame of this valley also comes from the abundance of its gastronomy and  wines. An agricultural region by tradition, the Loire Valley is a hilly land that combines cereal crops, vineyards, woods and lakes. Nearly 20 AOC wines are produced here. Gastronomic specialties are also the pride of its inhabitants. This is the case with goat cheese from Sancerre or the famous tarte tatin.

The wealth of the Loire Valley is also linked to its natural heritage. Almost 300 kilometers of cycle routes surround the castles. It is also possible to try fishing and various water sports on the river or on one of the lakes in the Loire Valley region.

Now easily accessible from Paris and very well served by major roads and motorways, the Loire Valley is a delight for those who stay there. Some celebrities have a foothold there, such as Mick Jagger or Gérard Depardieu. An attraction which therefore partly explains the rise in real estate prices in this valley, especially in the most picturesque villages and in areas enjoying exceptional views of the splendors of the region.