A heritage as rich as it is varied

Normandy, a region with a rich architectural heritage

Located in the north-west of France, Normandy is a land where ancestral traditions exist alongside grandiose landscapes and a strong cultural identity. The variety of landscapes in this region  contributes making it famous. Beaches topped by impressive cliffs, enchanting forests and the valley of the Seine. So many incredible settings that attract nature enthusiasts from all over the world, making it the 8th most touristic region in France.

Due to its history, Normandy is also distinguished by the presence of many architectural vestiges of the past. A crucial place of chivalry from the 12th century, the region was then a land of faith and feudalism. This Christian tradition has bequeathed us here architectural treasures such as the cathedral of Évreux or the old town of Rouen and the charm of its cobbled streets. In these welcoming and human-sized cities, exceptional apartments, sometimes atypical but always charming, await investors and their new owners.

Everywhere, Romanesque art blends with Gothic art, Classical and Renaissance architecture, offering towns and villages possessing a unique and varied heritage. History has also made famous its beaches, places of disembarkation  preceding the liberation of  France. Ever growing numbers of tourists come each year.

Normandy and its famous seaside resorts

On the coast of Upper Normandy, dotted with cliffs, the landscape offers a whole new aspect. The great beauty of these coasts never ceases to beguile and surprise. An exceptional wind blows here that few other shores can boast. The well-conserved environment is both wild and welcoming. Never far from the sea, the comfortable Norman thatched cottages are real refuges and allow you to discover an exhaustive gastronomic tradition.

In the departments of Seine Maritime, for example, exceptional properties offer all the comforts but also a breathtaking view of the natural beauties of the region, the cliffs of the coast. In Deauville, in this particularly famous seaside resort, celebrities, onlookers and inhabitants meet to enjoy the benefits of the sea air and the beauty of its long sandy beach. This beach was used as the backdrop for Claude Lelouch’s famous film, A Man and a Woman in 1965.


Normandy, a region of art

Ever affluent, Normandy is also distinguished by the greenery of its landscape. Its bocage and  agricultural lands, criss-crossed by rivers and streams, are testimonies of the life of the inhabitants of the region in the Middle Ages. Forming a substantial natural patchwork, these plots and meadows make up the identity of the region.

An artistic region, Normandy is also renowned for its emblematic paintings and the inspiration it brought to the greatest painters, such as Claude Monet or Eugène Boudin for example. Authors such as Gustave Flaubert or Guy de Maupassant have also enriched the artistic heritage of Normandy, with their novels and writings which have now become fundamental.