Basque Country

A land of traditions – an exceptional patrimonial heritage

The Basque Country, a charming and authentic region

Facing the ocean and sheltered by wild mountains, the Basque Country is an enchanting territory. Here, all is splendor and quality of life, tranquility and conviviality. Charming and authentic, this region naturally offers an ideal living environment and an exceptional destination for those who have the pleasure to  sojourn here.

Its natural beauty is not its only asset. Like its exceptional coastline, its millennial history never ceases to surprise and delight travelers  and residents alike. Between unique architecture, ancestral traditions and a strong cultural identity , the Basque Country offers a unique living environment, quite distinctive from that of other regions of France. Its cities, modern and dynamic, are both attached to their traditions, and very cosmopolitan. All the nationalities of the world come together here to share a common passion, the love of this colorful territory. A peaceful, family orientated atmosphere steeped in tradition flows through the most rural areas. Basque, taught at school, is a great means of integration and a chance for even the youngest to discover a cultural heritage that is unique in the world.

The Basque Country, between coast and mountains

Each part of the Basque Country reveals its splendours to those who take the time to discover them. The enchanting coastline of Labor and its iconic seaside resorts offer an ideal backdrop to enjoy the sea spray and admire the sunset. Inland, La Basse Navarre seduces with its typical architecture and its  reknowned conviviality . As for La Soule, no one can resist its traditions,  a gentler way of life suffused with an irresistable and unique culture. Everywhere, unspoiled landscapes and historical treasures stand side by side. Succeeding majestic castles , fascinating natural caves and  preserved and classified natural sites are legion here.

On the sea side, and all along the coast , in Biarritz or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the promise to share unforgettable moments is kept. In an exceptional property, apartments as well as luxurious villas, a clear view of the ocean offers an atmosphere of serenity and authenticity.  Countless places to live or holiday in, which are an inherent part of the historical heritage of the Basque Country, and which never cease to seduce enthusiasts of alluring stones and celebrities

Further east, inland, exceptional properties come in the form of large traditional Basque houses, or farmhouses retaining Spanish charm,  clinging to the mountains. Respect for values ​traditions and love for the heritage of this region make it a picturesque territory where discretion and authenticity reign. These strengths continue to appeal to young workers and retirees, artists and business leaders, etc. who wish to settle permanently in the region