The Rhône Valley

A region appreciated since Ancient Rome

Lyon, a dynamic city steeped in history

The Rhône valley, located in central-eastern France, is revealed in amongst the mountain ranges. Nestled between the Massif Central to the west and the Alps to the east, it enjoys a privileged location and an agreable climate. Its substantial, dynamic cities attract many young graduates and budding executives. This is perfectly illustrated with Lyon, located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers and which is also the capital of the Rhône department and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Designated The City of Lights, Lyon is one of the three most attractive cities in France according to French people in a survey conducted each year. In the heart of Europe since Ancient Roman times, it has never ceased to entice travelers, merchants and inhabitants over the centuries.

From these auspicious times, the city has also preserved an important historical heritage, and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All over this alluring city, mansions rub shoulders with contemporary houses and historical monuments. And, by virtue of its privileged geographical location, Lyon also makes it possible to easily access Paris while allowing its inhabitants to savor the pleasures of the Mediterranean coast or the mountains. It only takes two hours by train to reach the capital and barely a few hours to reach the peaks of the Alps or the gentle Mediterranean coast.

The vineyards of the Rhône Valley

If the historical heart of Lyon and its emblematic traboules are attractive, this is also the case for the surrounding villages. Calm and peaceful, they offer easy access to the city but offer an ideal setting to indulge in a privileged and natural living environment.

Further away, the countryside is always more abundant. Between vineyards and forests, the Rhône valley unfolds and reveals a unique spectacle, a true natural paradise. Hills appear, reserved for walking or agriculture, and more particularly for arboriculture.

Not far away, superb protected areas host a unique and astonishing flora and fauna. Everywhere, charming towns and villages welcome the curious as well enthusiasts of authenticity. There are many atypical estates, mansions and apartments here that offer an ideal living environment for anyone desirous of establishing themselves.