More than a region, an exceptional heritage

The Emerald Coast and its wild coastline

Sublime as well as mysterious, Brittany fascinates as much as it beguiles. Varied in its grandiose landscapes, with unspoiled wild coastline and dynamic cities, this region radiates throughout France. Land of tourism, art, architecture and history, it offers many possibilities for discovery and attracts visitors as well as new inhabitants each year.

To the north, on the Emerald Coast, the landscapes are simply breathtaking. Shades of green and blue blend endlessly here and give life to an exceptional coastline. Many seaside resorts have taken up residence there and take advantage of this enchanting setting. This is the case with Saint-Malo and Dinard, which continue to attract French and foreign celebrities and tourists alike. Exceptional villas, landscaped gardens and houses situated on the beach  make up a unique real estate heritage.

Rennes, the Gulf of Morbihan and the Brocéliande forest, varied and enchanting landscapes

Further inland, Rennes is also attractive. With a rich historical past and characteristic  architecture that make this capital of Brittany a highly attractive city. In the heart of this village / town, alleys lined with traditional half-timbered houses recall the animation that has reigned here

The atmosphere is soft and a form of joie de vivre floats in the most upscale areas of the city. Further south, on the coast, the city of Vannes is also an exceptional city. Artistic, industrial and sporty at the same time, Vannes has more than one facet.

As for its natural setting, it is once again exceptional. Marine gulfs, moors, rivers and valleys here decline the landscape and make it unique. With its very mild climate and its authentic charm architecture, this part of the  coast never ceases to seduce. We take refuge there in summer and winter in old properties, estates with a historic past or why not on a completely private island

The forests of Brittany also participate in the beauty of this region. And that of Brocéliande is the perfect example. The legend of King Arthur, his famous Excalibur sword and the Knights of the Round Table is still whispered there today. The atmosphere is enigmatic and steeped in mystery.

The very chic town of La Baule-Escoublac

Crossing the Atlantic coast, the journey continues towards the famous seaside resort of La Baule-Escoublac. Located just minutes from Nantes and 2h30 from Paris by TGV, it is one of the favorite resorts for celebrities and French people.

Emerging from a single dune, it is now unmissable with its immense sandy beach (considered one of the most beautiful in Europe), its mansions  and its elegant and warm atmosphere. Certain castles and properties located near the ocean are particularly popular.