A region of character – its real estate heritage

Dynamic cities

Located in the heart of Europe, Alsace is a  delightful region of character and traditions. Multiplying its strengths and enjoying a privileged geographical location, it has over time become a prestigious territory. Both a land of tourism and business , picturesque and dynamic.

Situated between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine valley, Alsace proudly displays its identity, marked by its tumultuous history and domination sometimes French and sometimes German. Moreover, it draws its strength from the past and still relies to today on the Franco-German duality which makes up its wealth. Alsaces heritage is quite simply exceptional. Places of remembrance stand  here with fortified castles , architectural and natural gems listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the city as in the countryside, Alsace is majestic. Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse are for example prosperous cities, in which a certain quality of life reigns. Despite strong dynamism and the presence of influential Europen  buraucracy.  Strasbourg remains a city on a human scale. Its Grande Île and the Petite France district are its symbols. A picturesque setting, alleys with romantic charm and pretty wooded bridges here offer tranquility and delightful scenery. A few steps away, the cathedral district tempts you to indulge in shopping. High end boutiques  alternate with craft stalls, offering an extraordinary decor. Although geographically distant from Paris, Strasbourg enjoys smooth connections thanks to its TGV station and  airport. The city thus offers convenient access to the rest of France but also to the whole of Europe.

A privileged living environment

In rural areas, the atmosphere is one of friendliness and tranquility. The hills give way to plains, forests and vineyards, offering a multitude of facets to this territory. Most of the products from this region are famous the world over and each year attract both the curious and epicurians. Wines are the perfect example This region is also one of the most prosperous in France thanks to its strong economic attractiveness. Foreign capital is arriving here in large numbers to support  industrial activity as wealthy as it is diverse.

Attentive to the well-being of its inhabitants, the ‘Alsace Region’ provides a privileged living environment. Transport is legion there, and developed to support ecological transition and respect for the environment The unique architecture of this region also affirms the singularity of a dynamic and constantly evolving real estate market. Prestigious apartments located in the city center alternate here with modern villas, agricultural estates redesigned by architects and distinctive properties. Superb buildings dating from the beginning of the 20th century also define the splendor of Strasbourg. Adorned with cement tiles, moldings, plinths and  cathedral ceilings, they are privileged witnesses to the opulent history of the city and the region.