The Champagne region

Its vineyards, its riches, a unique real estate heritage

A land of traditions classified as World Heritage by UNESCO

The Champagne region, cradle of champagne, is a haven of tranquility. With vineyards and forests, this territory is distinguished by unfolding shades of green, its church spiers and that authenticity which seems to float in air in the quintessential villages of this part of the Marne.  Much more than just a wine-growing region, the Champagne region is a land of traditions, serenity and an pleasurable way of life.

The champagne slopes are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Offering much more than the famous beverage they provide, these vines provide the unique opportunity to discover the local identity, the history of the Champagne region and the heritage here intrinsically linked to the environment, to all those who take the time to sojourn or settle there. Wine, and more particularly champagne, is intimately linked to the history of this territory.  vineyards appear from the 1st century in this part of the Marne. But it was not until the end of the Hundred Years War that the development of this culture gained momentum and made the Champenois method famous.

The wealth of this region was then accumulated over the centuries. The grapes are transformed into champagne thus offering greater opportunities to the inhabitants who thus take advantage of this natural treasure to develop their activity and benefit from an excellent quality of life. Today, the Champenois remains  dynamic and is suitable for both young and old alike. Schools, businesses, cultural events and public services coexist here and encourage increasing numbers of French people and foreigners to settle there.

An exceptional way of life

It is also a superb setting for hiking and taking the time to contemplate the natural environment, along the meandering backroads. After just a few kilometers traveling through vineyards, villages on a human scale are revealed. Welcoming and charming, they bear witness to the region’s rich history and delight with the emblematic architecture with their half-timbered houses.

In each of the towns and villages of Champenois, everything is designed to offer an unparalleled quality of life. An unspoiled evironment is close by, the hustle and bustle of the big cities is forgotten here in favor of great serenity, life is serene there with close social ties. On the outskirts of the city of Reims, this warm atmosphere is preserved. Although its size offers residents the advantages and dynamism of a major city, calm reigns supreme.

This part of the Marne is also located at a reasonable distance from Paris and enjoys privileged access to the capital thanks to a TGV line, which is busy and very efficient. Champagne-Ardenne station allows you to reach the center of Paris in just 45 minutes. Le Champenois therefore offers the perfect alliance between the calm of the countryside and the dynamism of large cities.