Hunting areas

Prestigious Real Estate seeped  in tradition

Hunting areas: a real estate project for enthusiasts of wildlife and tradition

France still has many hunting areas available, consisting of vast territories of course, but also of exceptional properties. True paradises for enthusiasts of both wildlife and traditions, these estates are both majestic and discreet and combine terroir, gastronomy and elegance.

Although each hunting area is distinguished by its history, its size, its climate and its environment, the fact remains that each of these properties carries with it a unique heritage. First and foremost, gastronomic, preserving the traditions of game hunting. But also historical and architectural. The hunting estates bear witness to the wealth of the family dynasties which saw them created. Since the era of French monarchs, until our present time, the popularity of the hunting  estate continues, and remains a real estate enterprise that inflames passions.

Composed of a natural area of several hectares and a traditional dwelling, the hunting domain can take many forms. Some have a pond to provide suitable terrain for waterfowl enthusiasts. Others are completely fenced, forming a hunting park. But all offer a wildlife environment which alternates woods and prairie. This makes it possible to offer a variety of landscapes and an area suitable for many species.

Hunting areas: a wide variety of dwellings

When it comes to the construction of a hunting estate, here again, the possibilities are numerous. From traditional accommodation to the manor house, including the forest house or the farmhouse and its outbuildings, each property will surprise you with its originality and authentic charm. These specifications are most often linked to the region in which the estate is located.

More than just owning a domain, owning such a property opens up various possibilities for you. You can benefit from privileged access to a vast natural and wild environment,  practicing your activity without constraint. This acquisition is also an excellent investment and can subsequently generate a substantial income (rental of hunting rights for example).

To refine your search, you can also take into account the type of game you want to encounter. Big game hunting, for example, requires you to own a wooded area of at least 150 hectares. Waterfowl is found on estates with a pond and most often located in the regions of Brenne, Sologne or of the Dombes. Instead, prefer the coast and mountain ranges for passing game

Acquiring a hunting estate is accessible anywhere in France. It is most often a passionat project that appeals to admirers of beautiful stones buildings, both French, and those from other European countries. Everyone dreams of owning such a home, a few hours from their main place of residence.