Forest and Woodland

Treat yourself to a piece of countryside

Woodland: a real estate project for nature enthusiasts

It is in the heart of the most natural and unspoiled regions of France that you can acquire a forestry or woodland estate. Made up, as its name suggests, of forests and woods, this type of estate offers you the opportunity to make a relatively safe, long-term investment. You thus diversify your assets and can benefit from some additional income as well as tax advantages.

Acquiring a forest estate is also a unique opportunity to pass on a sustainable heritage to younger generations and to create a natural environment, in which you can ensure respect for the ecosystem. You thus participate, at your own pace, in supporting the local economy and the region’s heritage. Your land allows you, for example, to supply businesses in the region with wood, to enlighten the young to their surroundings, to the growth of trees and plants and to install respect for this fragile environment. But also to better understand and grasp the complex issues related to ecology and climate.

Initially reserved for the work of loggers and by extension, for that of countryman, the forest estate was then used for hunting by the wealthiest families. Today it is a valuable asset, which attracts many investors. A place of tradition and authenticity, it combines ecology, an opportunity to protect and enhance the countryside and financial investment.

It also offers you the opportunity to pass on your passion for the great outdoors to your heirs as well as the values linked to the land.


While real estate investment is still recommended for placing money and investing, it remains linked to the vagaries of the market,
economic and financial crises, etc. The forestry market remains stable year after year. This has been the case for 20 years, during which time the average price of a hectare of forest has steadily increased. Acquiring such a domain therefore ensures you get a return on your investment, in the long term with an average return of between 1 and 3% per year.

Another big advantage of such an acquisition is that you can benefit from some tax advantages. You can, among other things, take advantage of reductions on the amount of certain taxes or exemption from inheritance tax (under certain conditions). It is therefore a particularly interesting acquisition for taxable buyers wishing to optimize their assets and their taxation.

An atypical investment, the forest estate still requires a serious project study. A research phase must first be considered to determine the ideal location for your future acquisition, depending on its environment and perhaps the quality of the soil and the wood species it shelters.

Next comes the size of the plot you wish to acquire, as well as the presence or absence of buildings on the forest estate. Guided by a professional in the sector, you can then treat yourself to that woodland you dream of.