Residences steeped in history

Castles, places full of history

Having become emblematic of French historical heritage, castles are nonetheless exceptional residences, perfectly suited to your family life. However, acquiring such real estate is not an ordinary project. It is important to understand all its contours and prepare your project perfectly.

Domains of wealthy French families over the centuries, castles are steeped in history and bear within them the symbol of an entire heritage. They are famous all over the world and never cease to inspire fascination. Lovers of history and historic buildings cannot fail to be won over.

The castle, by definition, corresponds to the stately home. Initially fortified and defended by towers, ramparts and ditches, it has been adapted over the centuries become an exceptional residence. Some still carry traces of French history with their small defensive openings, their dungeons, their interior courtyards, etc. Others have been overhauled   by their various owners, to become more modern properties today.

The architecture of a castle can therefore be diverse. It is also very difficult to differentiate between a castle and a manor, as the similarities are numerous. Having become the symbol of French life, they continually attract buyers from all over the world.

Buying a castle, the project of a lifetime

Buying a castle, or a mansion, is nonetheless an adventure, the project of a lifetime. There are generally numerous renovations required, and  restoration and conservation projects for remaining authentic features and joinery.

It is also advisable to take stock of your expectations regarding this type of property. In addition to the beauty of the situation and the inevitable ‘coup de coeur’ which results from their discovery, you must observe the possibilities that such an acquisition offers to you.

You can, in fact, choose to live there every day to change your life, enjoy the great outdoors or simply reconnect with your roots. Unless you reserve this castle for your holidays and weekends spent with your family. There is also the possibility of developing the estate to build up a lasting family heritage and initiate a professional project, with the creation of guest rooms, for example.

It is also crucial to position yourself on the type of castle you wish to acquire. Some require extensive restoration work, while others are already renovated. In both cases, however, you can share with your loved ones the satisfaction of contributing to the safeguarding of French heritage as well as the various enriching encounters offered by such a project.

France has a real architectural wealth. The castles and exceptional residences are legion there and allow you to treat yourself to the property of your dreams. Even more so as by committing to this project to preserve listed monuments, tax provisions may accompany you